Jon and Cindy Anderson


Jon and Cindy Anderson lead Centre Church. They started Centre Church, together with 7 friends, at the beginning of 2016, when they felt God calling them to plant a Church in Johannesburg.

Jon and Cindy grew up in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. They met at a gap year program at 1Life Church (formerly NCF Church) and were married in 2002. They have two beautiful daughters, Eden & Amber.

They served for 16 years as full-time staff members (and latterly as elders) at 1Life Church, where they led a number of church sites, teams and ministries.

Jon and Cindy are passionate and practical in their approach to ministry. They have a God-given gift and desire to equip people to use their gifts to radically influence their communities for Jesus, and in turn, build the Church.

Jon and Cindy Anderson were on our pastoral team for more than a decade. During their time with us they were greatly loved and made a significant impact in our region. They pastored congregations, led worship, preached prolifically and helped us plant multiple expressions of church in KZN. When their time came to leave Pietermaritzburg to plant a church in Gauteng it was a bitter-sweet farewell.

Grant Crawford